Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nice logistics

So I feel like we could probably start a blog simply in regards to the slip ups of our good friend Josh :) He never fails to put a smile on my face, however unintended it may be. The most recent Josh-ism has to do with my sunburn.

As you know it's been our current mission to get tan. We're all tired of winter inflicted albino-ism. With the schedule I have currently, my only free time is after about 5 pm each day, not exactly prime time for tan-getting. This being said, Geli, Sarah and I have invested in a couple of trips to our local Planet Beach aka Fake baking. On top of this, Geli and I have managed to lay out by our pool as well (I had to skip class that day and the whole time there were these creepy middle aged men speaking Spanish watching us). With this overabundance of UV rays in such a short time, after 4 months of isolation, my skin has faired rather well. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this statement. I don't know about anyone else but when visiting a tanning bed the less clothing the better aka you tan naked. As I have not been to a tanning bed more than 4 times in my whole 24 years and when I tan it tends to be a more public situation that requires a bit more covering, there are areas that never see the light of day, literally. I am currently burnt on the underside of my breasts.

(Little sidenote: Totally not wearing a bra at school right now haha)

Anyways, So I decided to tell Josh that I was sunburned on the underside of my breasts while chatting with him on Facebook. He proceeded to offer to rub aloe on them, as a good friend. (I should have told him that he could while I was asleep.... ha) Anyways, the conversation moved away from my chest and about 10-15 minutes later he goes

Josh: can i ask you a personal question
only because i just thought about it
the question is how excatly do you burn underneath your breasts isn't already covered

Me: most people dont tan with clothes on in the tanning bed....

Josh: obviously i must be misinterperting what you mean by under breast 
Me: i said the underside of my breasts
not under my breasts

Josh: hahhaha got it. alright enough about your breast

Me: haha
you dork
you were the one thinking abotu them...

Josh: i was thinking about the logistics of them

Full on lulled about that in the middle of the class causing my teacher and a couple of students to look at me oddly.

Anyways, I love you all. I just thought I would share that little Josh-ism with you ladies. See you all later tonight as we pack for the-event-that-must-not-be-spoken-of. (That was for all my Harry Potter nerds)


PS Totally left Josh's face in that conversation because I felt like it added to the Josh-ness of it :)


  1. This makes me happy and the thought that you are going to be tan for your future husbands makes me happier