Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I got back on here to see if I could make it all look pretty and lo and behold, the blog fairy (aka Sarah-bo-Barah) had already worked her magic! She's got an eye for cute things. It's why I keep her around. Basically the only reason...

Geli-sauce left us the other day and I just don't like it one bit. It's as though this bit of my soul is missing. Well, not quite missing. Let me think of a more appropriate analogy.... Say you go to Coldstone and you order a Like It size Peanut Butter Cup Perfection. You are happy. Your taste buds are in ice cream nirvana but there is just that nagging feeling like something is just off. Then you realize that you ran out of ice cream too quickly and therein lies your problem. You should have ordered a Gotta Have It instead.

Geli, you're my Gotta Have It.



  1. dear sarah aka "sarah bo barrah"
    great F'iNG (you see i made a lower case i for you because you think its cute) job on the backround its pretty cute... and happy ... its happy cute!
    your pretty i miss you. stay cool.

    DEEEER ABSTERTRON!(i said that in my brain like the hulk would prob say that)
    AWWWWWWE except one part if i was your gotta have it may i be a different flavor of cold stone delish? like birhtday cake or my personal favorite; cake batter and kit kats and brownies and caramel :) (that may or may not be taken as a hint)....(mostly may be!)

    love always- geli sause

  2. actually i mean geli-sauce