Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm sorry if this one is a bit heavy.  Just sharing my thoughts.

Some people don't understand the seriousness of commitments.  I got a text from a horrible ex of mine saying that he wanted to cancel a commitment that can't and shouldn't be cancelled lightly.  Now while I hope to someday make this commitment with a worthy man, I have also been instructed on the importance of keeping this commitment in tact until I can make it with someone else.  The most frustrating part is that he can make this commitment with as many woman as he wants, and I can only make it with one man.  Why then would he ask ME to break the commitment.  I am the one worthy of making it again.  Can he really look in the mirror and say that he is repepnted, that he is changed beyond recognition?

I have just heard from a bishop I will never meet about the same thing.  He was telling me that it will make things easier for me in the long run.  I guess he doesn't understand the importance of the commitment either.  That or the snake that is my ex told him lies about me so that he believes I am a terrible person.  I texted him back a beautiful response that will hopefully raise questions in his mind about the situation and question my ex.

In better news, Abstertron, I loved your t-ball analogy.  You are right.  As far as commitment goes, he is just dinkin' around with a ball and a stick looking for an easy hit.  Batter number 1 is playing in the majors and he is playing to win.  Batter number 1 is not afraid of commitment.

I was afraid of commitment, what with T-boy turning out to be a bit of a flake, Stan Man getting engaged a month after we last kissed, and Douche now looking to get engaged... I'm justified in being weary!  So when Elder came around I wasn't interested in anything more than fun and friends.  He has since tripped me up and made me fall hard.  The best part is, he is here to catch me. 

As of Friday April 22, Elder and I decided to be officially commited to one another (for the time being ;) )  Title's aren't my favorite as they tend to put another level of pressure on the situation, but maybe it isn't all so bad.  I really do love him.  And the best part is he really does love me back. 

Maybe commitments aren't such a bad thing, they are just hard.  Life is supposed to be a bit hard though so that we can be shaped into more perfect people.  Our trials don't define us, but they do strengthen us.

I love you all and miss you so much!


PS- East Coast April 30-May 11.  Then May 29-June 11.  Elder and I are thinking of coming to visit either June or July.  the voting is now opened!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friar Tuck's twin brother

My Congress and the Legislative Process prof looks just like Tuck from church! No joke. Picture him with a little more hair, a little bit taller and a phd. It always brings a smile to my face, well it would if this class wasn't so mind numbingly boring.......

Brooke all I have to say is the two guys in your life are in two completely different leagues. I don't know Friday boy that well but Saturday boy is still playing t-ball! And that is all I'm going to say on the subject of them on here other than you deserve a boy who treats you with respect and respects himself and his priesthood as well. That statement is not a judgement on either boy whatsoever. I just felt the need to say it because it's true no matter who you have. Love you so much!

I'm still so sad that Sarah-bo-Barah and I weren't able to make it to ATL to see our Brookie this past weekend. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I guess it's gonna have to happen the next east coast trip back here.

I posted this as my status on Facebook but I feel like it should be added on here as well, for posterity's sake.

While discussing China, my World Political Geography prof asked the question: "Why is it called the Yellow River?" This fantastically intuitive kid in my class responds (in all seriousness): "Because it's surrounded by Chinese."

It made us all full on L.O.L.! It made me think of Brooke and her comfortable racism ;)

Love you all always!


Monday, April 11, 2011

You know that movie called star wars...

So my life is about to get crizazy... I might be needing some support/ears/minutes on your cell phone :)

Friday, One boy is picking me up from the airport, and sleeping over cause I don't get in until 11:30 pm.

Saturday we are hanging out until later afternoon when another boy flies into the same airport...

this other boy has effectively fallen off the face of the earth for the past three weeks since he kissed another girl.

Friday boy has been AMAZING. 

AND I hear that Geli went to the emergency room!!!  WAH! that's not good!  and Abi is super stressed.  I'm about to hijack a car and  come sort this mess out!  I can't have my girls falling apart!

Anyways, I just wanted a quick note to let you know I love you very very much.  Oh and work did pick up so I haven't been able to write at work :) thank goodness it did though!  I was about to go crazy!!!

Life is good for now.  Hopefully one of these days I'll have a stroke of genius and write again.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love and other... things

I just want you guys to know how much those last two posts brightened my otherwise kind of dreary day. I knew I was friends with you guys for a reason, I just wasn't sure what that reason was until now. :)

So breakdown of Abi's life as of this moment. Several things are important to note

1) I'm not wearing any shoes, they are currently sitting beside me. (This would be my life forever if I could manage it)

2) I'm sitting outside my classroom waiting for my French-Canadian professor to get here to teach us heathen American college students how to think politically. (If I had my way he would be deported aka locked in a box and shipped to Cambodia, aka Angelica's home country.)

3) I'm so scared that I won't be graduating this semester that I haven't been sleeping and when I do sleep I have nightmares about it. It's kind of a problem.

Other than that though I am pretty happy with life. Positivity springs relatively eternal from the fountain of Abi :)

Love you always,


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspiration from a Butterfly

Sarah's post inspired me to write.  Actually I hadn't written before now because I had never looked at the email address and password contained in the original Facebook message sent forever ago.  Now I feel SO dumb!

As you know I am working from Atlanta for Deloitte.  It's actually been kind of a joke for me to be here.  When I left for Utah I was given a pile of work, but my super didn't want to overwhelm me... I could have had it done by the end of the week.  It was pretty marvelous since I was moving into a new place and so I decided to space out my work load out and get settled into the new place simultaneously.  The place is coming together nicely :)  I'll get pictures with another post as I haven't taken any yet...

Today, I am here at work and let me first about my journey to Atlanta.
so first I drive to SLC airport with my new roomie Tiffany.  We chatted about our conference weekends since we didn't spend them together.  I got to the airport an hour before my flight's scheduled departure, which always gets me a little anxious, but no worries.  Airport was deader than dead and so in 20 mins or less I was at my gate.  Problem was there was no plane at my gate :(  it didn't show up in fact until 20 AFTER departure time... welp that's just too bad!  so an HOUR after I'm supposed to leave UT I finally board my plane... I should be waiting in Denver for my next flight!  Not to worry though I would still have a 20 minute layover. 

So things get really interesting in Denver.  Background story- when I bought my ticket it appeared to be a direct flight, what it really was is the same plane flies from Salt Lake, stops in Denver, and then goes to Atlanta.  Back to present- so we land, no worries.  I have 20 mins and It's past dinner time and I haven't eaten anything but a small portion of left overs for brunch so I'm thinking something sounds really nice.  The flight attendants said we could leave our stuff on the plane, get food, and come back in time for departure.  So I'm leaving the plane and go to the desk to let them know I'll be back soon when fear strikes... the desk says this plane is going to Austin, TX.  uhhhhh... so me and some other gentlemen in my same situation inquire about the city and the attendants act like we are retartded cause this plane is going to Austin, not Atlanta... (side note- I hate people who act like you are ignorant when CLEARLY it is them who are ignorant!  That plane was infact supposed to go to Atlanta.  don't give me your attitude!!!)  So I turn around to get back on the plane and grab my stuff and another attendent acts like a panic-ed bouncer and stands arms outstreched and knees bent ready to tackle me.  Woah... talk about an over reaction!  I give her a look that lets me know that I think she is dumb and say, "excuse me, my stuff is on the plane, I kinda need it." and at this point the gentlemen are with me too, both also looking at her like she is crazy.  At this point I believe that Frontier has a bunch of loons working for them.  They hire straight from the crazy farm.  The bouncer consults with a male attendent and asks if he would help her retireve our belongings and asks us if there are other passangers still on board.  I told her that there were still a lot of passangers and the entire flight crew going to Atlanta still on board becuase as far as we all knew that is where the plane was going.  At this point she hates me and I think she is crazy.  The guy seeing the situations says, go on back.  She then turns to him and gives him a crazy, this-is-against-protocol look but he turned his back. Apparently he knows she is crazy so my suspicions are confirmed.

So not only did our gate move, but I had to wait 2.5 hours for the flight... BAH!  And there were people EVERY where because apparently frontier wasn't just having problems with my flight, but all of their flights.  So I got into Atlanta at 2:00 AM!!  and my dad, such a trooper, came and got me.  Love that man.  He is just fan-tastic.

So today I had a meeting, ate lunch, and have sent off a few just-because-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-but-think-of-things emails and then decided to look into planning my weekend with Abi and Sarah. (Geli you will be missed, but I understand you are having a BLAST with some chica named Amanda who is, by more than one account, awesome) 

So since I am still sitting here for a while with nothing to do I will tell you about my life.

I live in Draper now.  It is a really nice place and the ward seems really nice so far too. 

I wish I had a professor that looked like Yoda to stare at... instead I will stare at my computer screen and listen to my pandora station which ironically enough is playing techno right now, which was also mentioned in a previous post.

I'm 100% over Michael Stanley.  it just never would have worked.

I finished reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  I read this book a few years ago when I was dating he-who-must-not-be-named, and actually fear of a name only increases fear of the person itself, so we'll just call him DJ.  Great book. I've learned alot from it even a second time.  it's one of those look at yourself and your relationships books that helps you understand youself better.  In case you were wondering the five love languages are 1) Words of Affirmation 2) Quality Time 3) Receiving Gifts 4) Acts of Service 5) Physical Touch.  you can take a survey here http://www.5lovelanguages.com/ to find your's!  Lets all compare!  I literally scored evenly in 1 and 5 in the for wives test... but I took that one because that's the one in the book.  I will now pause this post and take the assesment for singles... (PAUSE)... Ok same results.  So apparently you should all tell me how much you love me and give me big hugs and cuddles when we see eachother :) 

Re-reading this book has helped me understand why I just could never make it work with Michael Stanley, he doesn't like to give words of affirmation.  he told me that he felt like if a person heard that everyday they were awesome they would start to get a big head.  But of course he is one of the cockiest people in the world, so he is just thinking of himself :)

I've gotta say though, Cody Hyer is excellent at both of these.  I'm seriously resisting falling for this boy, but he just keeps proving that he could be worth it. 

Man I wish something would happen at work!  Maybe I'll look for another job... hahaha!! I need to anyways, since this gig is up in June.

Welp, this is just a long post.  I'm sure that you quit reading by now :)  but if you are still reading, I love you!!!  I might just make this a past-time... now that I know the password ;)



So I am sitting in class right now, right this very second actually... This class is suppose to be entertainment arts and events but it really should be called Professor Logan 101... I know all about this mans life it is literary all he talks about his test actually involve questions about who he knew and when he met them... I would just like to add this comparison for all you beautiful readers.... If you take a little look at the pictures on the left you will first see Yoda you will then see my Professor... I don't know  if you can see the similarities but they ARE there!!!! Anyways lets just say this class gives me a lot of time to think.... You want to know what I am thinking??? Well I'm going to tell you anyways....
1. There is about a week until I get to see Brooke... I just love this thought SOOOO much. I cant wait to hug her and love her and be in the same location as her....
2. I should really start sleeping more. I am running on day 2 of less that 4 hours of sleep.
3. If I wasn't writing this I would be falling a sleep with my eyes open and it would be really creepy.
4. Brooke just liked my Facebook status and I reverted back to number one....
5. I got a really rad slap bracelet at school to day... def made waking up worth it.
6. If my professor actually spoke like Yoda Id prolly listen.
7. I had Phil aka Tot aka kid from work the came over last night convinced that Channelle was a lesbian who adopted a baby (Mariah)  with her lover ( Shannon) but now they are broken up and have to share custody...
8. I love having all my favorite people (minus Brooke) in one house and I wish it was forever and ever and that Brooke would come home to me...
9. Abi and mee need to quite everything in life so that we can actually play together one day in our lives and NOT break the Sabbath.
10. My teacher wrote a book called techno-tainment and this makes me think this boy I used to date (because he listens to techno... no names will be named here) and that makes me get this unusual urge to write a poem...
Siting in class I wate
Wondering who will I date
Their once was this boy and he though it was fate
But really it it made me deflate
So I left on an interstate
and their was a ternechal down pour of emotions casue he was in a berieved state
( misspellings inserted for dramatic effect)


Gossip Sarah

Thursday, February 24, 2011

About time...

I know I look like a retard but we're all gorgeous and tan so I'm taking one for the team :)

Let's be serious, this is BASICALLY our life

I figured it was about time for some pics :)