Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I am sitting in class right now, right this very second actually... This class is suppose to be entertainment arts and events but it really should be called Professor Logan 101... I know all about this mans life it is literary all he talks about his test actually involve questions about who he knew and when he met them... I would just like to add this comparison for all you beautiful readers.... If you take a little look at the pictures on the left you will first see Yoda you will then see my Professor... I don't know  if you can see the similarities but they ARE there!!!! Anyways lets just say this class gives me a lot of time to think.... You want to know what I am thinking??? Well I'm going to tell you anyways....
1. There is about a week until I get to see Brooke... I just love this thought SOOOO much. I cant wait to hug her and love her and be in the same location as her....
2. I should really start sleeping more. I am running on day 2 of less that 4 hours of sleep.
3. If I wasn't writing this I would be falling a sleep with my eyes open and it would be really creepy.
4. Brooke just liked my Facebook status and I reverted back to number one....
5. I got a really rad slap bracelet at school to day... def made waking up worth it.
6. If my professor actually spoke like Yoda Id prolly listen.
7. I had Phil aka Tot aka kid from work the came over last night convinced that Channelle was a lesbian who adopted a baby (Mariah)  with her lover ( Shannon) but now they are broken up and have to share custody...
8. I love having all my favorite people (minus Brooke) in one house and I wish it was forever and ever and that Brooke would come home to me...
9. Abi and mee need to quite everything in life so that we can actually play together one day in our lives and NOT break the Sabbath.
10. My teacher wrote a book called techno-tainment and this makes me think this boy I used to date (because he listens to techno... no names will be named here) and that makes me get this unusual urge to write a poem...
Siting in class I wate
Wondering who will I date
Their once was this boy and he though it was fate
But really it it made me deflate
So I left on an interstate
and their was a ternechal down pour of emotions casue he was in a berieved state
( misspellings inserted for dramatic effect)


Gossip Sarah

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