Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's just a lot of pressure here...

The first blog post sets the tone of the entire blog, so Sarah and I are feeling the pressure.

All Sarah has wanted her entire life is a nickname. She claims that every time someone comes up with one for her it never sticks. I now feel it is our mission to help her check off that item on her bucket list. Basically, we're the best friends ever.

(Sarah- I just actually added it to my bucket list. So it's legit now!)

Ok, but seriously, we always talk about how we should be filmed or turned into a tv show because we're basically hilarious. We were talking about how a blog would also be a good medium (Sarah is currently half an inch from my face as I type this, sniffing me. It's no big deal). So here it is. You're welcome in advance. It'll be from all of us. Sort of a concoction of the amusing happenings of our lives. They are usually intertwined but alas, Brooke will be leaving us shortly so we have to make sure we have a way to keep this friendship-al connection strong.

(I just got a kiss on the shoulder from Sarah with the threat of "when you least expect it you're going to wake up with me sucking on your arm.")

I'm off now cause let's be serious, I should have gone to sleep about 3 hours ago.

Better luck than never!


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